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The Kapesni Story

Like many creative ventures, Kapesni started as something I needed but couldn’t find. I wanted a digital notebook to record names, places, dates, and notes about museum experiences that made an impression on me: works of art, historical objects and narratives, science exhibits, and so on. I'd been using the iPhone's "Notes" App to keep an increasingly long and unwieldy list—a rudimentary and unsatisfying solution.

At the same time, I saw forward-thinking museums struggling to replace their self-guided audio tours. I saw many innovative ideas, but most seemed transitional, and in embracing new technologies, some approaches were clearly more successful than others. Having been a media developer since 1998, I also saw that these early tours were both limited in scope and expensive and time-consuming to develop.

To address both needs, Kapesni has built a Web service that empowers every museum searching for a way to create self-guided tours for mobile phones and devices. We think our solution has the most useful features that museums need to serve their audiences well, and our design addresses the way museum visitors want to actually use these rapidly-evolving technologies. Our software acknowledges the complexity of an exciting new world, while remaining simple to use and understand.

By putting art, history, and science in visitors’ pockets—in a device they carry with them all day, everywhere they go—we embed cultural interactions deeper in peoples’ lives. We make it easier for them to continue investigations after visiting your physical facility, share experiences with friends and families, and revisit places and moments that moved them and activated their imaginations.

For museums Kapesni means more time spent in the exhibition space, greater comprehension and involvement with objects and themes, word of mouth recommendations via social networks, and exposure in the fastest-growing education (or is it marketing?) channel that now exists. Offering superb value, usability, and scalability, we hope every museum will find a place for Kapesni in its visitor services, education, and outreach plans.

William Tuman
Co-Founder, Creative Lead